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2016 SATs results

2015-16 has been a challenging year, with huge changes to primary school tests. The tests have been made harder this year and the way that the changes have been made has been very disruptive. I am however, delighted and very proud to inform you of our SATs results. We achieved above National average in all subjects (reading, writing, maths and spelling, punctuation and grammar). 

The children showed huge resilience throughout the week of tests and their hard work and determination is shown in these results, helping to ensure that they are ready for the next stage of their educational journey. The staff worked tirelessly to ensure the children were well prepared, without being overwhelmed, and I would like to say a huge thank you and well done to pupils, staff and parents for the efforts made by everyone, helping to show what an amazing school we are.

The table below shows the comparison between Newbridge and National figures:


Newbridge Junior School 2016

(% working at expected standard)

National 2016

(% working at expected standard)










Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar



Combined subjects (reading, writing and maths)




Autumn Term 2016


World War II Day in Year 6

Year 6 continued its tradition of starting off its World War II topic by having a day dedicated to activities based around this fasicnating topic. Some of the activities included taking part in an air raid drill, reconstructing what it would be like to be evacuated and making biscuits using authentic WW2 recipes and ingredients. Some of our Y6 pupils wrote about the day:


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in World War Two? Well, year 6 had the chance to find out! On Tuesday 6th September, the whole of year 6 travelled back in time to 1939 for their World War Two day. Before the summer, children were given the option to dress up in the style of someone living during World War Two; there were children dressed as soldiers, evacuees and land girls (women who helped at home during the war.) Even the teachers dressed up!

When we came in to class, we were played Neville Chamberlain's speech declaring war on Germany. It made us feel like we were actually there and slightly petrified. After that, we were told that we were going to be evacuated. This must have been very disheartening for the children at the time as they had to leave their families and live with other people they had never met. In order to be evacuated, we had to have a name tag - this included our name, address and age. As children at the time had gas masks, we also made our own just in case we were bombed. Now and then during the day, an air raid siren would go off and we had to get under the tables as quickly as possible and wait for the all clear.

In class, we had different artefacts to look at - this included gas masks, grenades and an air warden helmet. We also got the chance to try out a rationing recipe. Lots of food came from other countries however ships were being destroyed so food was scarce. As sugar was a rationed ingredient, we used honey and cinnamon for flavour; there were mixed reviews from the children!

Overall, this day was enjoyable as well as educational giving us lots of information and was a really great way to start off our topic.




Summer Term 2016


Today a scientist came into year 6 and brought in some insects for us to look at (which were not alive). There were some put into boxes with glass on top so we weren’t allowed to touch them but it was ok because I wouldn’t like it if I was an insect and all my body fell apart. It was really exciting seeing all different kinds of species laid out on tables. There were fossils, crystals and minerals which were fun to look at. Also there were skulls of animals that were fragile so we had to hold them carefully. We also got to draw insects and we got to see what they looked like up close using a magnifying glass. One of my favourite activities was putting a skeleton together. It was tricky but also fun. I enjoyed my time at the science work shop. Thank you.

TW and L-LW



Year 6 performed excerpts from 'Grease' for their performance this year, proving along the way that they have many budding thespians amongst them.








Year 6 went to Fairthorne Manor again this year after Summer Half Term for a week's residential. As always, they had a great time as you will see from their gallery.